Compliments of the Fun n Sun Computer Club.




2017-2018 SEASON

- Open daily for all artists
ARTS & CRAFT SHOWS - Shows are held in the Rec. Hall during the months of December, January and February.  
See the enclosed calendar of events for dates and times.
BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP - There are two shops in the park.  Curling'On (Norma) 956-399-1939 and Gracie's 
Beauty & Barber Shop (Gracie) 956-456-2907.  Both shops are by appointment only.
BIRD & BUTTERFLY GARDEN - The garden can be viewed from inside the Library.  The Bird Blind can be 
accessed by utilizing the walkway on the side of the library.
DANCE - Many styles of dance classes are offered. See Activites list for dates and times.
ENCORE GAMES - Encore games are a competition among the RGV Encore Parks.  They are held in January  and
February.  To participate, please sign up in the Activity Office or contact Ann Engell.
ENTERTAINMENT - Sunday night entertainment is held after Ice Cream in the Rec. Hall.  This is free and is open  
only to park residents and their registered guests.  You must wear your badge.  Entertainers are paid by the 
Activity Office and no free-will offerings will be permitted.   
                    - Special entertainment shows are planned for the season.  These shows are not free and they 
                      require a ticket that can be purchased in advance at the Activity Office or Pay at the door on the 
                      night of the entertainment.
FITNESS CENTER - The Fitness Center is located at the south end of the shuffleboard-billiards building.  This 
area is open 24 hours.
FITNESS CLASSES - Classes offered are:  Aquacize, Bicycle Rides, Walk Aerobics, and Yoga.
PATIO SALES - There are three parkwide patio sales schedules this season. Check Calendar of Events for dates 
and times
GENEALOGY - Learn how to search your family history.  See Events list for meeting dates of the club.
GUESTS - All guests must be registered through the front office.  Guests are welcome to use all park facilities.
Guests must wear their name badges at all times.  There is no cost for family member guests and only a $2.00 
daily cost for all other guests.
ICE - Bags of Ice are available at the mailroom window.  Cost is $1.00 per bag.
ICE CREAM - An Ice Cream Social is held every Sunday at 6:30 PM in the Rec. Hall.  Cost is $1.00 if you have your
name badge, and $2.00 if you do not have a name badge.  Ice Cream is only for park residents and registered
guests. Please bring dollar bills, as we are unable to make change.
KOFFEE KLATCH - Come and learn what's happening at the park every Tuesday at 8:30 am in the Rec. Hall.      
For the low cost of $1.00, you will get a cup of coffee or tea and two (2) donuts, or a yogurt, or a piece of fruit.
You can bring your own cup (up to 16 oz.) If you want to skip the food and only want coffee, bring your $.50 
and drop it in the slot at the coffee machine.  Special guests will be announced.
                                 - SPONSORED KOFFEE KLATCH - On Wednesday and Thursday (check monthly calendar)   
                                 at 8:30 in the Rec. Hall, come and listen to vendors promote their businesses.  Coffee and
                                 donuts are provided free of charge by the vendors.  We ask that you stay and listen to   
                                 their presentations.  
LAPIDARY - Lapidary Shop is located in the Resaca Casa
LIBRARY - The library is located next to the Resaca Casa.  There is a large selection of books, magazines, games,
and jigsaw puzzles available to borrow while staying at Fun N Sun.  The library is open 24 hours.
LOST AND FOUND - Visit the Activity Office to turn in or retrieve lost items.
MAILROOM - The mailroom is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm except while mail is being  
sorted and lunch.  Hours during the summer may be adjusted and a sign will be posted.
MUSIC - Music of all kinds can be heard and played at Fun N Sun.  Check out the Activities list for dates and times 
they meet. New members are always welcome to join in.
PARK BREAKFAST - A pancake breakfast is served every Saturday in the Rec. Hall from 7:30 am to 9:30 am from 
November 18, 2017 through March 24, 2018.
PARK LUNCH - Lunch is served every Monday and Wednesday in the Rec. Hall from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm from  
November 20, 2017 through March 21, 2018.
RADIO CLUB - The amateur radio club, "The Hams", meet for coffee on Fridays in the Computer Room from
8:00 am to 9:00 am.  Club starts the first Friday in November.  There is no fee for park residents. 
SEWING ROOM - The sewing room is available at all times except when classes are scheduled.  Sewing 
machines are available free of charge and are in the Activity Office.  Only light weight materials may be sewn
on these machines.
SILVERSMITH - Silversmith Shop is located in the Resaca Casa
SINGLES - There is a large singles group at Fun N Sun.  A special "singles calendar" is available on the bulletin
board in the Mailroom.  The singles have friendship hours, potlucks, birthday celebrations, picnics, etc.
SPECIAL EVENTS - Any special events not listed in this booklet will be advertised through the park mail and on
bulletin boards.  They will also be mentioned at Koffee Klatch, the Ice Cream Social and the monthly calendars
SPORTS ACTIVITIES - See the Activities list for times for these activities.
     Bean Bag Toss - Located in the Table Tennis area
     Billiards - Located at the end of the shuffleboard-billiard's building
     Bocce Ball - Located between the Sand Volleyball court and the Race Track
     Bowling - Group play at "Creaseys" on Ed Carey Drive
     Darts - Located in the Table Tennis area at the end of the shuffleboard courts
     Encore Games - All Encore park competition.  See calendar for dates and times
     Golf Driving Range  - Located across Zillock Road from the park
     Golf - Available at different ranges.  See the Sports Bulletin Board in the Rec. Hall
     Horseshoes - Pits are located next to the swimming pool
     Miniature Golf - Location in front of the Resaca Casa.   This golf course is currently under construction   
           with the first hole completed.
     Pickle Ball - Indoor courts are located in the Rec. Hall and outdoor courts at the Tennis/Pickle Ball courts. 
     Pool - Water sports take place in the swimming pool
     Remote Control Airplanes - Takeoff and landing field is located across Zillock Road from the main entrance  
     Remote Control Cars - Track is located across the parking lot from the Activity Office
     Shuffleboard - Courts are all indoors and are located at the shuffleboard-billiard's building
     Softball Team - New players are always welcome.  Competitions take place against other park teams.  See 
          Sports Bulletin Board in the Rec. Hall
     Slow Bike - A slow bike track is located in the front parking lot 
     Table Tennis - Tables are located at the end of the shuffleboard court area
     Tennis - Tennis/Pickle Ball courts are located across the parking lot from the shuffleboard court building.
     Water Volleyball - Available daily at the swimming pool
     Volleyball - The sand volleyball court is located behind building # 10
STAINED GLASS - Stained Glass is located in the Resaca Casa
STATE/PROVINCE DINNERS/POTLUCKS - State potlucks are held in the Rec. Hall.  Sign up at the State/Province
Bulletin Board in the Rec. Hall.  Bring a potluck dish and your own table service and beverage.
TRAIN - "The Spirit of Fun-N-Sun" runs once a week for a sunset cruise around the park.  It leaves the depot 
(large front parking lot) on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm, weather permitting.  Residents are reminded that the train 
has the right of way.  Please allow plenty of room to pass due to limited maneuverability.  During the holiday 
season there are more frequent rides and free tickets to ride the train will be issued by the Activity Office.