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The Writers Group at Fun N Sun was started in 2002 to help people write their memoirs one story at a time. While personal histories remain the primary endeavor, individuals also write poems, non-fiction articles, and fiction, all of which may be discussed and critiqued at meetings held year round. Also, the Writers Group has written and published two books, Open Windows: Glimpses of Our Lives and Fun N Sun Then N Now.

Thursdays - year around - 2:30 pm to 5 pm - Room 4
We write, share and critique our personal stories
All writers and would-be writers are welcome!
Occasionally we have speakers.

 Marianna Nelson 

Limited-time offer! To order the Writers Group new book, Tuesday Pieces, contact Marianna Nelson:


The Writers Group at Fun N Sun has sold close to 500 copies of Fun N Sun Then N Now. As of Dec. 4, 2012, six copies of the book are still in the park and are available at $20 each. To purchase your copy, contact Marianna Nelson:

Also, the book may be purchased at:

The cost is $17.95 plus shipping.

Two-and-a-half years in the making, Fun N Sun Then N Now is filled with fascinating facts, stories, pictures, and poems to interest any RVer, Winter Texan, or visitor to the Rio Grande Valley.

San Benito, Texas, December 1, 2008: Fun N Sun, the largest senior RV park in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, attracts RVers from all over the U.S. and Canada who bring with them various experiences, writing styles, and interests.  Put them together on a book-writing project about their park and their lifestyle, and you end up with Fun N Sun Then N Now, a compilation of stories, verses, anecdotes, and pictures that will hold your interest from cover to cover.

Readers of Fun N Sun Then N Now will envy the lifestyle of the more than 2,000 seniors who live it up at Fun N Sun every year. This fun-to-read book traces the deep South Texas roots of this friendly RV resort from its beginnings in 1967 to the exciting, popular destination it continues to be today.

Writers Group Thursday 11/9/2017 - 3/29/2018 3 - 4:30 PM Computer Room
Nelson, Marianna