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Fun-N-Sun Entertainment - DANCE HALL
(Open to the Public, purchase required)
Date  Day of Week Show Name Time Ticket Price Ticket Price
        Prior to the Show At the Door
01/11/20 Saturday Garth Brooks Tribute 7:00PM $16, $14, $13 $14
01/25/20 Saturday Uptown (Sounds of Marvin Gaye & Temptations) 7:00PM $16, $14, $13 $14
02/08/20 Saturday 60's Mania 7:00PM $16, $14, $13 $14
02/15/20 Saturday The Glen Campbell Story 7:00PM $16, $14, $13 $14
02/29/20 Saturday Aretha Franklin Tribute - The Queen of Soul 7:00PM $16, $14, $13 $14
03/07/20 Saturday Johnny Cash Tribute - Walkin the Line 7:00PM $16, $14, $13 $14
12/14/19 Saturday Lindley Creek Christmas Show 7:00PM $10.00 $12.00
12/17/19 Tuesday Leslie Blasing Christmas Show 7:00PM $6.00 $8.00
12/21/19 Saturday Swing Street Christmas Show 7:00PM $10.00 $12.00
12/31/19 Tuesday NYE- "A Night in Paris" with Rockstar Denied 7:00PM $18.00 N/A
01/07/20 Tuesday Jeff Gordon Variety Show 7:00PM $8.00 $10.00
01/30/20 Thursday Jim Brown 7:00PM $12.00 $14.00
02/01/20 Saturday Strassenfest 4:00PM $5.00 $7.00
02/03/20 Monday William Forian - The John Denver Story 7:00PM $8.00 $10.00
02/06/20 Thursday Shake, Rattle, & Roll 7:00PM $10.00 $12.00
02/13/20 Thursday Valentine's Dinner Show with Jason Colemen 6:00PM $18.00 N/A
    catered by Texas Roadhouse      
02/18/20 Tuesday Grammy Nominated Tom Wurth 7:00PM $9.00 $11.00
02/22/20 Saturday Swing Street Roaring 20's Bash 7:00PM $10.00 $12.00
03/03/20 Tuesday Jason Whorlow 7:00PM $8.00 $10.00
03/10/20 Tuesday Leslie Blasing "Vietnam War Era" 7:00PM $10.00 $12.00
03/14/20 Saturday Fun and Sun Luau with DJ Frazzie 4:15PM TBA N/A
03/17/20 Tuesday St. Patty's Day Party      
  Every Friday Texas Wheels 7:00PM N/A $7.00
Fun-N-Sun FREE Entertainment
(For Park Residents Only)
11/01/19 Friday Texas Wheels (please pick up required ticket at the AO) 7:00PM Dance Hall
11/03/19 Sunday Music Town 7:00PM Rec Hall
11/10/19 Sunday Ron Moshier 7:00PM Rec Hall
11/11/19 Monday Veteran's Day Event 9:00AM Dance Hall
11/17/19 Sunday Mark Allen Atwood 7:00PM Rec Hall
11/20/19 Wednesday Girl's Night In (movie night) 7:00PM Dance Hall
11/24/19 Sunday Trailer Park Patsy 7:00PM Rec Hall
12/01/19 Sunday TX Good Times Band 7:00PM Rec Hall
12/07/19 Saturday DJ Frazzie-Ugly Christmas Sweater Dance 7:00PM Dance Hall
12/08/19 Sunday      
12/14/19 Saturday Craft Show 8:00AM Rec Hall
12/15/19 Sunday T'was the Night Before the Night Before Christmas 7:00PM Rec Hall
12/18/19 Wednesday Christmas Golf Cart Parade 7:00PM Dance Hall
12/22/19 Sunday Connie's Christmas Cabaret 7:00PM Rec Hall
12/24/19 Tuesday Christmas Eve at the Park 5:00PM Rec Hall
12/29/19 Sunday The Lost Puppies 7:00PM Rec Hall
01/05/20 Sunday The Band Wanted 7:00PM Rec Hall
01/08/20 Wednesday Welcome Back Party TBA Dance Hall
01/09/20 Thursday Jo King's Scavenger Hunt 7:00PM Rec Hall
01/11/20 Saturday The Activity Open House 8:00AM Rec Hall
01/12/20 Sunday Bill Chrastil  7:00PM Rec Hall
01/19/20 Sunday Easy Aces…Jane Gets Her Brother a Loan 7:00PM Rec Hall
01/21/20 Tuesday Night at the Races (there is a cost but closed to the public) 6:00PM Dance Hall
01/23/20 Thursday DJ Frazzie-Support your Favorite Team 7:00PM Dance Hall
01/24/20 Friday Celebration of Life 2:00PM Dance Hall
01/25/20 Saturday Craft Show 8:00AM Rec Hall
01/26/20 Sunday The Amazing Activity Race 3:00PM Rec Hall
01/26/20 Sunday Sundae + Mr.Goessl 7:00PM Dance Hall
01/28/20 Tuesday Steel Drum Band 7:00PM Dance Hall
02/02/20 Sunday No Entertainment after Ice Cream n/a n/a
02/02/20 Sunday Super Bowl Party 4:00PM Dance Hall
02/07/20 Friday 50th Wedding Anniversary 2:00PM Dance Hall
02/09/20 Sunday Players Club Production 7:00PM Rec Hall
02/11/20 Tuesday Gospel Fest 6:00PM Dance Hall
02/16/20 Sunday Helen Russell and Company 7:00PM Rec Hall
02/20/20 Thursday DJ Frazzie-Red Dance 7:00PM Dance Hall
02/22/20 Saturday Craft Show 8:00AM Rec Hall
02/23/20 Sunday The Band Wanted 7:00PM Rec Hall
03/01/20 Sunday Faithful Singers 7:00PM Rec Hall
03/04/20 Wednesday Pane in the Glass Fundraiser w/ Edith & Diego 6:00PM Dance Hall
03/08/20 Sunday The Sneetches 7:00PM Rec Hall
03/09/20 Monday Vegas Night  6:00PM Dance Hall
03/14/20 Saturday FNS Exhibition-Come check out the amazing talent of our residents 8:00AM Rec Hall
03/15/20 Sunday Dance Review 7:00PM Rec Hall
03/22/20 Sunday Roger Wayne, The Magician 7:00PM Rec Hall
03/29/20 Sunday Connie's  Cabaret 7:00PM Rec Hall